State Senator Hough Says Republican Input Not Considered For Maryland Police Reform Bills

State Senator Michael Hough, R.


State Senator Ron Young, D.



The Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee is conducting hearings on police reform in Annapolis

Frederick, Md. (KM) – The Maryland Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee has been conducting hearings on police reform this week. The panel is discussing 15 measures which are expected to be taken up in the 2021 General Assembly.

State Senator Michael Hough, (R. Frederick & Carroll Counties), says the committee’s leadership has not included input from Republicans. He says that’s not what happened a few years ago when legislators got together to work out police reform bills following the rioting in Baltimore after the death of Freddie Gray in police custody.

“We went through hearings, we saw what problems there were in the laws, and Republicans and Democrats, people from all different sides of the issues came together and passed a set of solutions. Unfortunately, what is happening this year is 15 very anti-police bills were introduced and Republicans were not invited to be a part of the process,” Hough said.

State Senator Ron Young, (D. Frederick County) disagreed.

“They are not anti-police bills, they are trying to seek balance and transparency, and fairness both ways,” Young said.

Some of the bills being considered would end no-knock warrants, establish a standard of force, and limit the amount of military equipment police departments could purchase.

Hearings on police reform continues in Annapolis today.