Bill Covering Farmers Markets Passed By The Frederick County Council

It will make it a little easier to hold  these events.                                                                  


Frederick, Md (KM) The Frederick County Council on Tuesday approved a bill covering farmers markets.

The legislation was sponsored by Councilman Steve McKay who said it defines a farmers market in the county’s zoning laws. “This is a significant enough activity for a county that values agriculture the way we do to have it properly defined in the ordinance,” he says.

It would also permits farmers markets in light industrial areas, as well as properties zoned village center, mixed use and general commercial. They would also be permitted within the MXD and PUD as overlays. Prior to passage of this legislation, farmers markets were permitted only  in institutional zones.

Also under the law, anyone who wants to put on a farmers market would need to apply for a permit which would be good for 180 calendar days.

Other provisions would require farmers markets to comply with all health, safety and environmental standards, and  not be detrimental to the surrounding area. They  would also have to have  a safe and orderly flow of parking and traffic, and any  musical entertainment would cease at dusk.

Councilman Jerry Donald said this measure will do a lot to expand farmers markets throughout the county. “It also can alleviate some of–I don’t want to say a food desert because we do have a few of those–some areas where it might be tougher for some folks to get fresh fruits and vegetables. They can get them directly from their local producer,” he said.


By Kevin McManus