Maryland State Police Issue Warning on Telephone Scams


Public at risk from scammers looking to steal personal information.

Frederick, MD (KB) Maryland State Police say scare tactics are being used in telephone scams across the state. Incoming calls are “spoofed” or disguised to look like the State Police phone number, however, the information asked for by the scammers differs from the information necessary in a legitimate police investigation according to spokesman, Ron Snyder.

“We’re not going to ask for personal identification information,” Snyder said, “such as, your license number, your social security number… Some people have even told us they’ve asked for bank information as well.”

Maryland residents are advised not to disclose their personal information to unknown callers.

“Look if you are unsure about something, hang up, call 911, or call that local barrack back or police station back and ask ‘did you just try to call me?’ At least then you know that you are speaking to an actual officer,” suggested Snyder.

Those who receive such calls are asked to report them to their local police barrack.