Faith Debate: October 18th, 2020

There’s a Whole New Vocabulary

“Critical Race Theory”, “White Privilege”, “Systemic Racism”, “Social Justice Warrior”, “Cultural Marxism”, “Intersectionality”, and a whole bunch of new terms have been added to the American pop-culture lexicon this year with the rapid ascendency of the “Black Lives Matter” slogan, organization, and movement.  What do these new terms mean, and from whence did they come?  Are they even new?  Is it a political divide?  A religious divide?  A worldview divide?  A cultural divide?  What are faithful Bible believing followers of Christ supposed to do and think?  For many years now, Adam “AD” Robles has been all over this issue like a tick on a sweet-blooded deer.  And he’s back with the Faith Debate over the phone for a fourth go-round in this four-part series of shows.

The panel:

Troy Skinner.  Pastor of Household of Faith in Christ.

Jonathan Switzer.  Founder of Crossed Bridges in Frederick, Maryland.

Adam AD Robles.  Host of the “AD” YouTube podcast, used to interact with cultural issues in the church.

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Here to talk about it with Jon and me is podcaster and minister of the Good News, Adam AD Robles.