Jarman Running For Re-Election To Tthe Frederick County Board of Education












The Frederick County Board of Education has several open seats up for grabs this November

Frederick, MD (KB) Lois Jarman is running for re-election to the Frederick County Board of Education. She has served on the Board for the past 18 months.

According to Jarman, the Board has made moves in the right direction, as they have accomplished securing the construction funds necessary to replace outdated facilities in Frederick County.

Jarman said this year, especially, there are many questions surrounding the future of Frederick County’s school system due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“In the midst of COVID, the biggest issue right now is when and how do we get our students back into the classroom safely,” said Jarman. “Advocating for funding to enable us to have the safety precautions and safety measures that we need to be able to provide a safe setting for our students and our staff,” Jarman explained.

Jarman has over a decade of experience as a Frederick County Public School teacher and was an active member of parent organizations when her children were in school.

If elected, Jarman plans to examine racial equity, implement social and emotional learning models, and advocate for funds in the school systems across the county.

Election Day is November 3, 2020.