Bass Has Sight Set on Frederick County Board of Education










First-time candidate, David Bass, hopes he can bring change to the Frederick County school system

Frederick, MD (KB) David Bass, a first-time political candidate, is seeking one of three open seats on Frederick County’s Board of Education.

“My work as a special education teacher and my master’s in public administration are, I think, two of my unique qualifications that I bring to the table,” said Bass.

If elected, Bass is planning to fix the special education system in Frederick County, safely return students to school, and create a more inclusive school environment.

Bass currently works at Gettysburg College in Diversity and Inclusion. He believes that Frederick County has the potential to be the best school system in the state of Maryland.

“Our Board of Education really must transition from its reactive approach to be far more proactive in implementing best practices and engaging in long-term planning,” stated Bass. “I also think we must effectively evaluate programs that we have in place. I don’t think our current board values program evaluation, but I know this will create a much more effective school system,” he said.

The election will take place on November 3rd this year.