Frederick Man Charged With Threatening Candidates Biden & Harris













He also threatened a Biden & Harris supporter in a letter.


Baltimore, Md (KM) A federal criminal  complaint has been filed against a Frederick man, charging him with threatening a major candidate for President and Vice President. US Attorney for Maryland Robert Hur says the charges have been filed against James Dale Reed, 42.

“Letter included threats to both former Vice President Biden and Senator Kamela Harris. And it also issued ‘anyone reading this letter if you are a Biden-Harris supporter, you will be targeted,” Hur says.

The letter was delivered to a home in Frederick on October 4th where a resident had signs on her front yard supporting Biden and Harris.

“Everyone in the community should know that we do take these kind of threats seriously. This kind of threatening behavior is illegal, it’s a violation of federal law. And we will hold folks accountable who decide to take this kind of action,” Hur continues.

Reed was identified as the suspect through video from a door camera, federal officials say. They also say a citizen recognized Reed in the camera footage, and contacted authorities.

The letter contains the following passage:

“This is a warning to anyone reading this letter if you are a Biden/Harris supporter you will be targeted. We have a list of homes and addresses by your election signs. We are the ones with those scary guns, We are the ones your children have nightmares about…When We capture Grandpa Biden We will all severely beat him to the point of death as for Mrs. Harris she will be ……………. raped by my rifle barrel. Then for the Grand end the [sic] both will be executed on National Television.”

In a news release from the US Attorney’s Office, Reed was interviewed by investigators on October 13th at his residence. He denied writing the letter, and also  said he was not the individual shown in the door camera video. But two days later, he admitted to writing the threatening letter and was charged.

The Associated Press, citing a US Secret Service agent, says Reed admitted to writing the letter because he was “upset at the political situation.”

Hur notes that the 2020 election has been particularly nasty. “This has been an election season which there are some tensions. In a healthy democracy, people are going have opinions and strong opinions People should be exchanging those opinions, but in a peaceful, respectful and civil way,” he says.

With early voting starting next week, and the General Election on November 3rd, Hur says his office and law enforcement agencies will make sure that all citizens can vote safely without being threatened. “That is certainly what we aim to provide, a safe voting process in which the election has security and integrity. That’s something that all of us at the federal, state and local level are committed to providing,” he says.

Hur says if you’re casting your ballot at a polling center, and you see something,  or someone trying to intimidate voters, contact your local police.