Frederick County’s COVID-19 Emergency Rental Assistance Program Is Expanding

It’s expected to cover more citizens in danger of being evicted.                                                             




Frederick, Md (KM) The COVD-19 Emergency Rental Assistance Program in Frederick County is expanding.

At her public information briefing on Thursday, County Executive Jan Gardner said there  was limit placed on how much back rent could be covered by the program when it was launched in July. “When the program was first announced, we had capped the rental assistance to three months of back rent,” she said. “And since this COVID situation has gone on for longer, and we know that people need more than three months rent, we are lifting that limitation on the number of months that can be covered.”

In addition, Gardner said the program will be assisting people who have fallen behind in their rent because they were out of work. But have recently found a job and are earning money again. “We know when families are living paycheck to paycheck, even the slightest disruption in their income can be devastating. So the program will authorize assistance for months when the renter had no income,” she said.

The COVID-19 Emergency Rental Assistance Program was launched in July to help renters who had lost their jobs due to the coronavirus pandemic, and were in danger of being evicted. It’s a partnership of Frederick County, the City of Frederick and the Religious Coalition for Emergency Human Needs, which administers it. The funding comes from the share of the federal CARES Act.

Gardner says since the program started, 622 renters have applied for assistance. She urges anyone who is having difficulty paying their rent to contact the Religious Coalition at 301-631-2670, extension 127. They can also go on line to Spanish speakers can call 301-631-2670, extension 128.

She says it’s important to make that call as soon as possible. “The federal restrictions against evictions don’t protect you from eviction if you don’t apply for local aid,” she said. “So I want to encourage everyone in Frederick County who are behind on their rent because of the health pandemic to contact the Religious Coalition.”


By Kevin McManus