Rep. Trone Emphasizes Business Experience, Bipartisanship In His Re-Election Campaign



He also says he’s work hard on constituent services.

Washington DC (KM) As he campaigns for re-election, Incumbent 6th District Representative David Trone says he will be emphasizing his experience in the private sector. “I come into this as a businessman. I am not a politician. I don’t want to be a politician. I ran for this job to move the needle in a bunch of areas that I don’t think Congress paid any attention to that are really important in people’s lives,” he says.

Trone was first elected in 2018, replacing Democrat John Delaney who ran unsuccessfully for President. He is running for re-election in 2020 against Republican Challenger Neal Parrott.

Although he is a Democrat, Trone says he tries to work with other members of Congress in a bipartisan way. “I was listed as they most bipartisan member of Congress by a Republican think tank, the Luger Group,”he said “I’m also endorsed by the Chamber of Commerce. Only 23 Democrats in the country were endorsed by the Chamber of Commerce. At the same time, endorsed by the Farm Bureau,” he says.

Trone says his two big issues are addictions. “Lost 200,000 people now . And addiction in western Maryland with COVID is up over 50% year to date overdose deaths,” he says.

The other issue is mental health. “We’ve been relentlessly focused on that,” Trone says. “Again with COVID, mental health, 43% of folks feel like they’re suffering anxiety.”

If he’s re-elected, Trone says he will continue working on these issues. “I got so much more to do. And the real key to getting that done is bipartisanship,” he says. “And in businesses, you understand it’s bipartisan. We’ve absolutely focused hard on that, and we did not get done all that we can and will get done.”

As a membe of the US House of Representatives, Trone says he will “work together, work across asile and focus relentlessly on constituent services,” he says. “I work for everybody. That’s my job.”

He encourages anyone in the 6th District, which extends from parts of Montgomery and Frederick Counties, and takes in Washington, Allegany and Garrett Counties, to contact his office if they have any concerns to be addressed. “And I like problems. And I like people to bring me problem. And I will do my best–no guarantee, but I’ll do my best–with my team to fix them. That’s what we get paid to do,” says Trone.

General Election Day is Tuesday, November 3rd. Early voting begins next week in Frederick County.