Juvenile Arrested For Four Burglaries In The Boyds Area


He’s also charged with three  attempted burglaries.


Rockville, Md (KM) Montgomery County Police have charged a juvenile with four burglaries in the Boyds area, and three attempted burglaries. The 16-year-old boy was arrested on Monday by officers with the Special Assignment Team.

Authorities say shortly after midnight on October 26th, SAT officers and detectives monitoring the Gate Dancer Lane area observed a suspect wearing  black mask and carrying a backpack using a flashlight to peak into the rear door and window of a townhouse at 14300 Gate Dancer Lane. . He climbed on to the deck which led to the main level where used his flashlight to look into the home.

Officers attempted to stop him as he was leaving the property. The youth was apprehended after as short foot chase.

Investigators got a warrant for the juvenile’s home, and found items stolen from homes in the area.

The teenager is charged four counts of burglary and three counts of attempted burglary.

Here are a list of burglaries and suspected burglaries police hvae determined were committed by the 16-year-old suspect:

*Burglary – Overnight hours of October 12 to October 13, 18100 block of Truffle Lane, suspect cut basement window screen and entered basement via unlocked window, stole items. Home occupied.

* Burglary – October 19, approximately 1:35 am, 14300 block of Gate Dancer Lane, suspect forced entry into back door of home, entered main level of home and garage, rifled through vehicles, stole items. Suspect seen on home video surveillance. Home occupied.

*Burglary – October 20, approximately 2:27 am, 14000 block of Richter Farm Road, suspect cut home surveillance cable in rear of home, entered basement via unlocked sliding glass door, stole items. Suspect seen on home surveillance video. Home occupied.

*Attempted Burglary – Overnight hours of October 18 to October 19, 14200 block of Gate Dancer Lane, suspect cut four window screens. Home occupied.

*Attempted Burglary – October 22, approximately 1:45 am,18100 block of Truffle Lane, suspect broke a glass window and the residence alarm activated. A resident called 911 and the suspect fled. The suspect returned to the home at approximately 3:58 am (after officers left) and attempted to enter the home through the broken window. The resident yelled at the suspect and he fled.

*Attempted Burglary (described above) – October 26, approximately 12:05 am, 14300 block of Gate Dancer Lane. Suspect arrested by officers.



By Kevin McManus