Frederick County Executive Forms Leadership Team Dealing To Deal With Equity

It’s similar to other leadership teams formed early in her administration.                                                                        


Frederick, Md (KM) Frederick County Executive Jan Gardner says she has formed an Equity Leadership Team. She says it will consist of community members who will set goals and priorities in the areas of equity, diversity and inclusion.

“The outcomes and identified priorities will provide a framework for change,” Gardner says. “It will be the foundation of the action plan we put together and the strategy to move forward.”

Gardner says this leadership is similar to the ones she put together earlier in her administration, which addressed the issues of education, jobs, senior citizen and community needs. “The Equity Leadership Team will follow a similar format as my initial leadership teams,” she says. “The Equity Leadership Team will be comprised of about 20 community :members, stakeholders and leaders representing a broad spectrum of Frederick County.

There may be those who question the need for an Equity Leadership Team. But Gardner said it’s necessary because the county’s demographics are changing. “Our community is growing more diverse every day. We’re home to 260,000 people. One out of every four residents is non-white. They could be African-American, Hispanic or Asia. One out of ten residents is foreign born. And these statistics are going to change rapidly as our youth graduate from high school and move into the workforce,” she says.

As the Equity Leadership Team gets underway, there will be a public process as members put together goals and priorities and come up with recommendations



By Kevin McManus