Faith Debate: November 8th, 2020

The Fork in the Path that Faces the Southern Baptist Convention and Its Local Congregations

Woke Church.  Critical Race Theory.  Intersectionality.  White Privilege.  Black Lives Matter.  White Fragility.  Ethnic Gnosticism.  Neo-Marxist Black Liberation Theology.  Post Modern Cultural Marxism.  Identity Politics.  Social Justice Warriors.  Systemic Racism.  LGTBQ+ Rights.  And so many more new words and phrases have entered our newscasts and entered many pulpits.  There are so many different labels because there is so much complexity in how we got here.  Some people prefer certain descriptors, much to the disdain of others who prefer their own certain descriptors.  Call it what you want… there is a new so-called Social Gospel, and it is viewed as an enemy of the one true biblical Gospel by very many conservative theologians.  One of these theologians is James Pittman, Senior Pastor of New Hope Community Church in the Chicagoland area of Illinois.

The panel:

Troy Skinner.  Pastor of Household of Faith in Christ.

Jonathan Switzer.  Founder of Crossed Bridges in Frederick, Maryland.

James Pittman.  Senior Pastor of New Hope Community Church in Paletine, Illinois.  And host of the “For Such a Time as This” YouTube (and Facebook) podcast.

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