Aldermen Consider Changes To Frederick City Laws Regarding Alcohol Consumption On Public Property

A public hearing is expected to take place at a future date.


Frederick, Md (KM). Some changes are being proposed for Frederick City’s laws covering alcohol consumption on public property.

At a Wednesday workshop, Assistant City Attorney Rachel Depo told the Mayor and Board of Aldermen that a new ordinance would make consumption of alcohol on city property, including parks, a civil offense rather than a criminal offense. Violations could be subject to a fine not to exceed $100.

“The state decriminalized this type of minor alcohol violation last year,” Depo said. “The primary purpose of this ordinance is to provide that penalty provision and makes it a municipal infraction.”

Depo also said this ordinance would clarify existing language in the city’s law, and “provide the Aldermen with some sort of basic criteria to apply and determining whether or not to authorize consumption in accordance with special events,” she says.

The ordinance would also prohibit the possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages in open consumers in a park or other city property.

Depo says this ordinance could be ready for a publicĀ  hearing on November 19th, the date of the final meeting of the Board of Aldermen for the month of November.



By Kevin McManus