Carlson: Media Failed To Label Trump Racist

Fox News host Tucker Carlson said the mainstream media failed in its attempt to label President Trump a racist. Carlson used Trump’s strong showing in Miami-Dade County, Florida with Hispanic voters to illustrate the media’s failings.

“Miami-Dade is 70 percent Hispanic,” said Carlson. “That’s not what you would have expected if you’ve been watching for the past six months this attempt to rationalize everything to make Trump the greatest racist in the world’s history.”

Carlson said Florida’s rapidly growing population makes the Sunshine State the “future of the country” because of the massive amount of people who relocate there. Carlson said based on Trump’s strong performance during Election night in a non-white area like Miami-Dade, the narrative that he is a racist and the support he received from Hispanics, should give Republican voters hope.

“Whether you buy that or not, you would expect that to depress the votes for Trump in Miami-Dade County, but the opposite happened,” Carlson said. “He’s doing better there with non-White voters than he did four years ago.”

“At some point we, the media, need to pause and ask ourselves serious questions about how we’re thinking through what’s going to happen and how we present it because our predictions affect outcomes, to some extent, and they also, of course, determine our credibility. People judge us based on our predictions,” Carlson said. “Something really went wrong in the way we predicted a number of these races.”

Carlson noted that Florida represents “the future of the country” because so many Americans relocate there from other states.

“It does tell you something about where we’re going and I think if you’re a Republican or a Trump voter, it tells you something more hopeful than you expected,” Carlson said. “Why is the demonstrated reality so different from what purportedly smart people said it was going to be?”