Frederick County Voters Choose New Board of Education Members & Approve Charter Amendments


All four charter amendments were approved by the voters.


Frederick, Md (KM) There will be some new members on the Frederick County Board of Education.

Sue Johnson came in number one in the election, winning 48,631 votes, which is 21.7%.

Number two was Jason Johnson, who goes by the name “Mr. J.’ He received 35,801 votes, or 16%, .
And number three was David Bass, who won 33,871 votes, or 15.1% .

The Board of Elections says these votes represent early voting, mail-in ballots and Tuesday’s Election Day voting.

Incumbent Board of Ed Members Lois Jarman and Rae Gallagher were defeated. Both were appointed to the Board.

Charter Amendments

All four charter amendments were approved by the voters. The most controversial one was Question D, which would amend the charter to provide a process for filling a vacancy for the job of County Executive. If the vacancy occurs in the first year of the vacating Executive term, a person would fill that position temporarily until a special election which lets the voters decide who will serve out the remainder of that term.

That amendment was approved by 72,681 voters or 76.5%.

Another amendment, Question C, outlining how vacancies are filled on the County COuncil was supported by 73,355, or 76.8% of the voters.

Question A requires the County Executive to provide information to individual county members upon request for the purpose of introducing and evaluation legislation, or reviewing or monitoring government programs activities and policy implementation. That was supported by 85% of the voters.

Question B would set borrowing limitations on the County. That passed with the support of 76.5% of the voters.