Frederick Man Pleads Guilty To Conspiracy To Commit Murder










He’s an MS 13 Associate.


Frederick, Md (KM) A Frederick man whose an MS 13 Associate is going to prison. Luis Cruz Rodriguez, 23, pleaded guilty in US District Court on Tuesday to conspiracy to commit murder in aid of racketeering. The judge sentenced him to ten years in federal prison, followed by five years supervised release.

The U-S Attorney’s Office for Maryland says Cruz Rodriguez conspired with other MS 13 gang members to kill a person identified as Victim 14. According to court documents, MS 13 gang members thought Victim 14 was a rival gang members. They discussed way to kill Victim 14, and who would participate.

In April 2017, Cruz Rodriquez drove  the MS 13 members to secluded area in Frederick where they were going to kill Victim  14. At that location, the gang members killed Victim 14. They beheaded and dismembered him, ad buried his body is a shallow grave. Cruz Rodriguez drove the MS 13 members away from the scene.

Investigators located Victim 14’s  grave, and recovered the body. The victim suffered from blunt force trauma . His body had been cut into seven pieces and  was decapitated  authorities say.

Even though Cruz Rodriquez was not present during the murder, federal prosecutors say he knew the killing was taking place.

The US Attorney’s Office says a total of 30 defendants have been charged in connection with this case as well as other crimes. Out of that, 20 have pleaded guilty to crimes connected to their membership in MS 13.


By Kevin McManus