Raskin Re-Elected For Third Term In Office

Democrat Raskin defeated Republican Coll in General Election












Tuesday night’s General Election revealed that Democrat Jamie Raskin will be serving his third term in Congress.

He believes that his rate of approval in the Eighth District is largely due to his inclusive district office and constituent services.

“My extraordinary district office, which serves everybody, not just democrats, but republicans, independents, greens, anybody who calls in,” said Raskin.

“If you need help with your social security check, your Medicare, your Medicaid, your PPP, your unemployment, we will go to bat for you,”

Raskin defeated Republican Gregory Coll and will be representing the Eighth District.

“We’re going to be ready to go when we get back in,” said Raskin.

“I’m hopeful that the democrats are able to take the Senate, that we defend and expand our majority in the House, and that we have a new president who’s ready to get America moving again.”

Raskin also wants to address issues that have come up due to the pandemic, such as reducing unemployment and helping small businesses.