Surge In COVID-19 Cases Reported In Frederick County

The number of cases has topped 5,000.











Frederick, Md (KM) The number of COVID-19 cases continues going up rapidly in Frederick County, according to County Executive Jan Gardner, who held a public information briefing on Thursday. “We hit a grim milestone today with hitting over 5,000 confirmed cases in our community,” she said. “Today our numbers went up by 42 new cases to 5,030.”

Gardner also said the county  saw 52 new coronavirus cases on Sunday. “Since our first case was reported back on March 16th, there have been only four days when we have had more new cases in a single day than 50. And all of the other days were back in the spring when we were experience our  first peak,” she said. “Last time we saw 50 new cases on a single day was on June 3rd.”

She says this surge in cases has been detected in ambulance transports to the hospital. “For  the past two weeks, the Division of Fire and Rescue has transported a growing number of people who have the virus, and even a larger number of people who’ve been suspected for cases,” she says.

And it’s also showing up in local hospitals. “Now, this translates into hospitalizations. So the number of hospitalizations are also ticking up and indicate a potential second wave. And this is very concerning,” says Gardner.

“Simply put, the virus is spreading faster in Frederick County,” Gardner said. “And as more people have it, there’s more opportunity to spread it to more people, and that’s why it happens exponentially.”

During her public information briefing, the County Executive didn’t announce any new regulations to counter this local increase in the coronavirus. But Gardner had this strong recommendation. “It’s important to wear a mask, and stand six feet apart,” she said. “It is not enough to do one one or another. You’re supposed to both at the same time: wear a mask and stay six feet apart.”


By Kevin McManus