Frederick County Grand Jury Returns 10 Indictments On Friday

Some cases involved witness tampering, obstruction of justice & kidnapping.                                                                            


Frederick, Md (KM). A  witness intimidation and obstruction of justice case  was one of ten indictments returned on Friday by the Frederick County Grand Jury. Rene Alduvi Delcid-Aguilar, 27, is charged with 1st- and 2nd-degree assault, obstruction of justice, solicitation of witness tampering and three counts  of violation of probation.

State’s Attorney Charlie Smith says Delcil-Aguilar went to a party last month to confront his former girlfriend. . He says the defendant strangled her until she thought she was going to pass out. “Another female gets him off of her. So lo and behold this young man tries to intimidate the victim from showing up in court,” he says.

The Grand Jurors also returned indictments in a kidnapping case. Camila Arnal, 46, who has no fixed address, is charged with kidnapping a child under 16, and 2nd-degree assault. Smith says this incident occurred October 15th, 2020 at Baker Park in Frederick. “This defendant approached a family at Baker Park. A 14-year-old godparent of several young children was babysitting them. The defendant came up and began pushing the two-year-old on the swing.. Babysitter asked her to stop. She began yelling at the babysitter, saying she was not the child’s mom, and then picked up the child and tried to run away from her,” he says.

The 14-year-old caught up with the defendant and there was a tug-of-war for the child.

Another indictment was returned against Brandon Lee Burdette, 34, of Frederick, whose charged with 1st-degree malicious burning and 1st-degreee arson. “This was someone who actually tried to set fire to the PetCo over on Route 40,” says Smith. “It did a lot of damage to the PetCo including wiring and paint on the walls.”

Jason Paul Zizzamia, 34, of New Market, whose charged in a supplement indictment with 2nd-degree child sex abuse for incidents which occurred between April 29th and August 19th of this year. “Unfortunately, he was slapping around a five year old, leaving handprints all over him,” Smith says. “Not a good case.”

The Grand Jury also indicted Matthew Kevin Manning, 33, of New Market for 1st-degree assault, 2nd-degree assault and 3rd-degree sex offense. for an incident which occurred on October 25th, 2020. “This is a situation where the victim went to the defendant’s hotel to give him a ride to buy some women’s underwear, of all things,” says Smith. “She asked to use the bathroom. He winds up attacking her, strangling her and throws her down, grabbing her inappropriately She, all the time trying to escape, was  actually able to escape to the front desk of the hotel.”

Daniel Covey, 50, of Frederick was indicted twice by the Grand Jury on Friday. In one instance, Covey is charged with 2nd-degree general burglary, 4th-degree burglary, theft, two counts of theft between $100 to $1500 and three counts of being a rogue and vagabond for an offense which occurred on August 9ths, 2020. The other indictment against Covey charges him  with 2nd-degree burglary, 4th-degree burglary, theft, four counts of being a rogue and a vagabond, three counts of malicious destruction of property and three counts of theft less than $100.

“The situation where the defendant forced entry into secured garages over the area of Maxwell Place Condos on East All Saint Streets,” Smith says. “It looks like he did that at several locations over there.”

Two other indictments issued by the Grand Jury include:

*Errance Ubarra Meeks, 22, of Boonsboro, whose charged with possession with intent to distribute and conspiracy to possess  more than ten grams of marijuana, causing to litter or dump less than 100 pounds for an incident which occurred on September 23rd, 2020.

*Jeffrey Melqezidec Castillo, 23, of Frederick, whose charged 1st-degree assault and 2nd-degree assault for an incident which occurred on October 26th, 2020.

*Tyler Glenn Oeneek, 27, of Frederick, whose charged with possession with intent to distribute more than ten grams of marijuana and possession of Psilocybin for an incident which occurred on September 10th, 2020.

These indictments move these cases to Circuit Court where trial dates will be scheduled.

Prosecutors say an indictment is a document charging criminal conduct, and all defendants are innocent until proven guilty.


By Kevin McManus