Ryan’s Blog: Fox News Suspends Pirro

Fox News has reportedly suspended Judge Jeanine Pirro because she wanted to expose voter fraud that she believes occurred during the election.

Newsmax first reported the story. The network decided to air coverage of President-elect Joe Biden’s acceptance speech from Delaware.

The report did not indicate what Fox was planning to do with Pirro’s show only saying that she was suspended for at least this weekend.

While Fox News plans its direction in the wake of a President Trump loss over the weekend, The New York Times reported that the New York Post’s top editor is planning to exit the oldest newspaper in American history. “Col Allan, a wizard there, says he plans to retire next year,” the Times reported Saturday.

Fox News made the controversial call for Joe Biden winning the state of Arizona on Election night. Biden ended up winning Arizona along with the 11 electoral votes. Biden won the presidency on Saturday with a victory in Pennsylvania.