Frederick City Will Require Registration For All Long-Term Vacant Properties

Frederick Board of Aldermen voted unanimously in favor of a vacant properties ordinance












Frederick, MD (KB) A vacant property registration ordinance was unanimously approved by the Frederick Board of Aldermen during a meeting Thursday night. Owners of long-term vacant properties will now be required to register, as well as pay fees and special taxation in the City of Frederick.

No registration will be required for the first year a property is vacant. Registration is required the second year.

Chief Administrative Officer, Marc DeOcampo, further explained the ordinance. “Third-year vacancy registration with fee and interior inspection,” said DeOcampo. “Finally, in the fourth year of vacancy and beyond, there will be registration, fee, interior inspection, and a special progressive taxation also.”

Many citizens spoke in favor of the ordinance, including Peter Brim. “My only regret is that it is not being more aggressive in terms of the timeline and the fees,” said Brim. “I certainly accept what is being proposed as a good first start.”

Downtown property owner, Rick Epree, also stated his approval of the ordinance. “It certainly goes without saying that its been a long time in coming,” he said. “I honestly believe that this is what we need to help create more active and more vital downtown.”

DeOcampo said the purpose of this ordinance is to promote property reuse and discourage owners from allowing their property to remain vacant.