Frederick County Board of Health Approves Revisions To COVID-19 Regulations


The vote was 5 to 3 in favor of revising the regulations adopted on November 12th

Frederick, MD (KB) In a five to three vote on Tuesday, the Frederick County Council, meeting as the Board of Health, approved revisions to the COVID-19 regulations adopted on November 12th.

Council members Michael Blue, Steve McKay, and Phil Dacey voted in opposition to the revisions.

The changes define social gatherings to include not only parties, but cookouts, parades, celebrations, festivals, conventions, and fundraisers.

Also, all indoor and outdoor gatherings of more than 25 people are prohibited, and wedding venue capacity will be limited to 50% maximum occupancy.

Keith Marcoux of Adamstown, the co-founder of Olde Mother Brewing Company in Frederick, spoke out against these restrictions.

“Over 90% of America’s economy rests on the shoulders of small business like mine,” said Marcoux. “We create local jobs, we bring innovation and life to our city. We have large chains operating around us without the same strict regulation or scrutiny as my business faces daily. We have thousands of people walking through stores carrying on about their daily lives, but my business is restricted to 25% occupancy.”

County Executive, Jan Gardner, said the new regulations come at the recommendation of the Health Officer, and are aimed at businesses which are not complying with the regulations on masks and social distancing.

“There is nothing that is in here that is going to impact retail, that is going to impact restaurants, that is going to impact bars and breweries and distilleries,” Gardner explained. “Or personal care, like hair salons or tattoo parlors or any of those things.”

Councilman, Phil Dacey, said the Board of Health should find a balance between the health of the community and helping the local economy.

“They’re having trouble surviving and we’re not giving them a hand up,” said the Councilman. “We’re pushing these businesses down with these regulations instead of what we should be doing, in my opinion, is helping them — helping them exist in this environment.”

These revised regulations will take affect on Friday, November 27th at 5 PM.