New President, Vice President Named For Frederick County School Board

Three new members also sworn into office.                                                                                       









Frederick, Md (KM) There was a change at the top for the Frederick County Board of Education. During a meeting Wednesday morning, Brad Young formally stepped aside as President after many years in the post. The Board of Ed unanimously elected Jay Mason to the post.

“It’s a great honor, and I have big shoes to fill,” said Mason. “If anybody knows Brad Young, he has set the bar really high, and I will graciously jump over that bar as best I can.”

Even though Young will no longer be President, he will continue serving on the School Board for the next two years.

In another unanimous vote, the Board of Education chose Karen Yoho as its Vice President. She noted that she and her colleagues on the Board won’t always agree on everything. “We’re going to have different perspectives. That makes us better,” she said. “I look at the new appointees in the new federal government and they look like America and that makes it better because you bring that perspective and life experiences.”

Both new officers talked about how the COVID-19 pandemic, and how it’s brought attention to the weaknesses of the country. But Yoho  praised School System employees for their work during this crisis. “I hear on TV that kids aren’t getting fed. We’ve been feeding kids. We’ve been doing the best we can.. Our teachers and other staff are working themselves so hard they can’t imagine working themselves any harder.”

Mason also noted there are students and families in the county who are struggling. “They don’t just struggle during COVID. They struggle all year long,” he said. “If we can as a community and a school system wrap our arms around those students and do what we can to make sure that when we do get passed COVID, get back into schools, we do everything we possibly can to make sure those students have every resource they need to get ahead.”

Also on Wednesday morning, three new members of the Board of Education were sworn into office. One was Sue Johnson. “We’re all ready to hit the ground running, and make sure that we have insure that we have the best educational system possible in Frederick County,” Johnson said. “Thank you to all the citizens who took the time to vote. It’s a very important duty. And I hope we continue to remain civically engaged.”

Jason Johnson also took the oath of office. He’s better known as Mr. J. “I’m humbled by this charge. I look forward and I’m very ready to serve to make Frederick County the best in the entire world,” said Mr. J.

And taking his oath of office was David Bass. “We have the responsibility to insure an outstanding public school system in Frederick County,”: he said. “I look forward to working with each of you to provide that outstanding and equitable education,” he said.


By Kevin McManus