Frederick County Council And Board Of Education Discuss Hybrid Model For FCPS

Hybrid learning is set to begin in late January 2021









Frederick, MD (KB) On Thursday afternoon, the Frederick County Council met with the Board of Education to discuss the hybrid learning model for Frederick County Public Schools set to begin on January 28, 2021.

Parents will still have the option to keep their children enrolled in virtual learning.

Superintendent, Dr. Theresa Alban, said the virtual model allowed some students to excel.

“There are some students who are actually thriving in the virtual environment because being in a classroom with a lot of people increased their anxiety and was distracting for them,” she explained.

Some high school freshmen, however, struggled with the virtual model.

“They were doing a good job of getting on the face-to-face time with the teacher,” said Dr. Alban. “They were not doing a good job of following up and getting all of the work done that they needed to do independently.”

Councilmember Jerry Donald spoke in opposition of the hybrid model.

“I just don’t see what you’re going to gain from this compared to just waiting it out for the vaccine to come out,” said the councilmember. “People will be vaccinated, we’ll move on.”

Board of Education member, Brad Young, responded and said herd immunity could take a while.

“My understanding of the vaccine is that, I was listening to information today, you’re probably not going to have herd immunity from the vaccine until next summer or later,” Young said.

The FCPS reopening plan requires students to wear face coverings while in the school building and includes a thorough cleaning and disinfecting plan for the building and high touch surfaces.

The January start date is subject to modifications by the FCPS Superintendent. Dr. Alban will be working with the Frederick County Health Department, as well as the Maryland Department of Health and the Maryland State Department of Education, regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.