Man From Virginia Arrested In Maryland For Deception Scheme





He and another person are suspected of scamming a woman out of her money.


Sykesville, Md (KM) The Carroll County Sheriff’s Office has arrested a man in a deception scheme. Michael Odell Anderson, 62, who has a Virginia address, is charged with multiple theft, theft scheme and conspiracy offenses..

Authorities say last Friday, a woman received a phone call that her nephew had been arrested, and a bail bondsman would need $29,000 for him to be released. She went to the bank and withdrew the money. A man arrived at her home in Sykesville to pick up the cash.

On Saturday, she received a call that the bail bondsman needed an additional $10,000 , and the victim went to the bank again. A teller became suspicious of the unusual number of withdrawals and alerted the Sheriff’s Office.

Anderson was arrested on Saturday afternoon when he came to pick up the money. Authorities say he was not the man who made the call to the victim.

The investigation into this incident is continuing, and anyone with additional information is asked to contact Detective Jason Ehrhart at [email protected], or call 410-386-2499.


By Kevin McManus