Maryland Expected To Receive Its First COVID-19 Vaccine Shipment Next Week

They will be allocated to health workers & long-term care facilities first.








Annapolis, Md (KM) Maryland is expected to receive its first shipment of COVID-19 vaccines as early next week. That announcement was made Tuesday during the Governor’s news conference in Annapolis.

Dr. Jinlene Chan, the Deputy Secretary of the Maryland Department of Health, said drug manufacturer, Pfizer, has applied for emergency use authorization from the US Food and Drug Administration, and that approval could come this week.

The state is expected to receive 155,000 doses of the Pfizer vaccine.

Dr. Chan said under Phase 1A of the state’s vaccination plan, there will be certain individuals who will be first in line to receive the vaccine. “All health care, long-term care facilities staff and residents, as well as first responders,” she said. “That will include nursing homes, as well as assisted living, where we have had a significant impact.”

She said under Phase 2 of the plan, those in critical care professions would be next, including those in education, transit, and utility workers. “As vaccine becomes more available, we will follow our allocation and distribution plan and begin to distributer to local health departments who will be able to make the vaccine available for first responders and others going forward,” said Dr. Chan.

At the news conference, Dr. Chan said the vaccine from Moderna could be arriving in Maryland on December 21st. The company is expected to provide 104,000 doses.

Governor Larry Hogan also announced more people will be able to administer the vaccine when it’s available. “Today, the Maryland Department of Health has issued an order which expands the scope of practice for licensed providers so that any health care professional, including all doctors, nurses, paramedics, and pharmacists, will be able to administer COVID-19 vaccines with appropriate training and under proper supervision,” he said.

In promoting the safety of the vaccine, the Governor said he’s willing to take the vaccine. “To help demonstrate confidence in the safety of the vaccine, Lieutenant Governor Rutherford and I will both take the vaccine in public as soon as it becomes available to us,” he said. “And we will be leading an aggressive statewide public health campaign urging all Marylanders to get vaccinated.”

State officials said more details will be released to citizens when the vaccine is available to the general public.


By Kevin McManus