County Executive Announces Further COVID-19 Capacity Restrictions

They will apply to indoor gatherings and recreation facilities









Frederick, MD (KB) County Executive Jan Gardner has announced further COVID-19 restrictions for Frederick County. The additional provisions were announced during a conference Thursday afternoon.

The County Executive said she has worked with Health Officer, Dr. Barbara Brookmyer, to introduce a joint directive.

“First, I want to say that Dr. Brookmyer and I are issuing a joint directive to limit all indoor gatherings to no more than 15 people,” she stated. “This is in line with recommendations from Johns Hopkins and other national public health experts.”

Currently, all indoor recreation facilities are limited to 50% capacity. This includes BINGO halls, pool halls, bowling alleys, skating rinks, and social clubs. Gardner made an additional provision to these establishments.

“I’m adding a provision that if 50% capacity allows for more than 50 people, then the limit will be lowered to 25%,” said explained. “So, by example, an indoor recreation facility that’s normally rated to hold 80 people, they would be capped at 40 people, or that 50%. But a larger establishment that could hold up to 300 people would be limited to 75 people, or 25%.

These provisions will take effect Friday, December 11th, at 5 PM.

Additionally, the County Executive announced that up to 15,000 KN95 masks will be distributed to restaurants and food service workers in Frederick County.

She reminded residents that now is not the time to be socializing with people outside of their household.

“We know that people are continuing to gather,” she said. “It really is difficult for us to enforce this.”

Gardner said that now is the time for the Frederick County community to take personal responsibility.