New York Duo Charged With Scamming Washington County Residents











They are currently being held at the Washington County Detention Center without bond

Hagerstown, MD (RH) A pair of Western New York men have been charged with attempting to scam local residents out of money.

The Washington County Sheriff’s office said 25-year-old Khalil Sharaaz Mohammed and 19-year-old Musa Muhammed Ashfaq, were taken into custody at an undisclosed location in Hagerstown. Both men are facing several counts of attempted theft and theme scheme.

Authorities said several victims reported receiving a phone call from an alleged bondsman claiming to represent a loved one who had been arrested or was otherwise in legal trouble. The scammers asked for large amounts of money to satisy the bail amount. Police indicated that after the funds were received, the suspects made several follow-up calls pressuring victims out of more money.

According to police, the pair scammed a total of $6,000 from victims.

The Sheriff’s Office is asking any community members who may have fallen victim to this scam, and had not previously reported it, to contact their local law enforcement. The men are being held at the Washington County Detention Center without bond.