Road Cleaning Program Returns To Frederick County

Inmates from the Detention Center pick up trash along county roads.








Frederick, Md (KM) For the first time in five years, the road cleaning program operated by the Frederick County Corrections Bureau is back. Inmates and those who receive sentences of community service participate in the Community Labor Unit.

“In less than a month, we’ve cleaned approximately 12 county roads and collected more than 60 bags of trash and large items such as tires, dressers, mattresses, vacuum cleaners, etc,” says Lt. Charles Clarke, the Work Release Commander, in a statement. . “As long as we have the eligible defendants and inmates on the program, we’re going to keep Frederick County clean. I challenge everyone to put this crew out of business by properly throwing away their garbage. But until then we are going to keep on going.

The Corrections Bureau, which is a part of the Sheriff’s Office, says inmates need authorization through a court order to be on the Work Release Program for consideration to take part in the Community Labor Program.

The Labor Program is “Warden’s Program,” and inmates meet certain qualifications to be placed in the program. Participation is voluntary, and they do receive additional days off from their sentences for the work performed. The Corrections Bureau says inmates in the labor program live in the Work Release building and have one-on-one access to classification specialist who helps them apply and possibly get jobs.

Inmates who take part are provided with the necessary equipment such as gloves, safety goggles and ear protection.

Lieutenant Clarke says this program will continue through remainder of 2020 and into 2021.


By Kevin McManus