Impact Of COVID-19 On Small Businesses

“Bear The Burden Coalition” aims to raise awareness for importance of small businesses








Frederick, MD (KB) Danny Farrar is the founder of a grassroots initiative called “Bear The Burden Coalition” that serves to raise awareness about the importance of small business in the local economy.

Farrar is a small business owner himself. He is the co-owner of SoldierFit and has fitness centers in Montgomery County and Frederick County.

“The reason I started ‘Bear The Burden’ is I go back to what happened to that gym owner in New Jersey,” he said. “Where he stood alone, I do believe it is a violation of Constitutional rights to tell a business owner what they can do to provide for their own livelihood — especially at the expense the government isn’t giving you any money anyway.”

Farrar said that small businesses are the backbone of America.

“When you talk about the backbone of America, small businesses account for 99% of all business in America. We employ over 60 million people,” he stated. “If we follow what happened in Jersey, and a third of America’s small businesses go out of business, we are going to unemploy 19,998,989 people.”

He said that small businesses have been unjustifiably villainized by the restrictions they have had to endure, while big-box stores, like Walmart, have remained open.