SHA Says It’s Ready For Snowstorm Predicted For Our Region

If you must go out, you’re urged to give snow plow drivers room to do their jobs.










Frederick, Md (KM) Mother nature is expected to dump a lot of snow in our area. The National Weather Service says Frederick County, along with Washington and Carroll Counties in Maryland, and Jefferson and Berkeley Counties in West Virginia,  could receive between 12- and 18-inches.

A Winter Storm Warning has been issued for the region starting at 7:00 AM on Wednesday, and continuing until 4:00 AM on Thursday.

Sherry Christian, a spokeswoman for the Maryland State Highway Administration, says crews and equipment are ready. “We prepare in the off season for inclement weather days like this,” she says. “What we have is all of equipment inspected and ready to go. 2200 pieces of equipment including plows and salt trucks. Our crews are standing by and ready.”

Prior to the snowstorm, Christian says crews have been pre-treating the roads where a chemical is laid down on the pavement which prevents the snow from sticking.

When the snow begins to fall, state and local officials always remind residents not to go out unless it’s absolutely necessary. Christian says if you must go out, give the snow plow drivers enough room to do their jobs. She says don’t race them or try to pass them. “The clear road is going to be after the plow. So you don’t want to be in front of the plow. You don’t to try to cut in front. So let our crews do their jobs. They’re maintaining the roads. They’re keeping them safe and they’re’ keeping them clear,” she says.

Anyone who wants to know where the plows have been can download a free app from the State Highway Administration Go to for more information.


By Kevin McManus