COVID-19 Impact On Individuals With Diabetes

Approximately 34% of Maryland adults are believed to be prediabetic







Frederick, MD (KB) Governor Larry Hogan recently announced a $94 million-dollar investment in the treatment and prevention of diabetes amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Maryland Department of Health’s Kristi Pier said the percentage of Marylanders with diabetes is slightly higher than the national prevalence.

“About 11.1% of Maryland adults have diabetes, so over 10 in 100 have diabetes in Maryland,” she explained. “Which is a little bit higher than the national prevalence, which is about 10.5%.”

Pier said there is a risk for individuals with diabetes who contract the coronavirus.

“Diabetes there is a big concern during the pandemic due to the high prevalence of diabetes in the state,” she said. “As well as the increased risk for serious illness if someone with diabetes contracts COVID-19.”

Some early warning signs of diabetes, according to Pier, are feeling hungry or thirsty despite eating, and fatigue.

Individuals who think they may be prediabetic can take a risk assessment online at the either the CDC or American Diabetes Association website. Pier listed the individuals who are most at risk for the disease.

“Those that are most at risk are those people who have prediabetes, those adults who are also overweight, who are 45 years and older, or maybe have a parent, a brother, or sister who have Type 2 diabetes.”