Elected And Community Leaders Ask For More Relief From Governor

The money would go to help struggling small businesses and families across the state











Annapolis, MD (KB) Several elected officials are calling on Governor Larry Hogan to release some additional funding to support a stimulus plan for the state of Maryland.

During a Zoom news conference on Wednesday, they said a program such as this is needed to help residents and small businesses get through the economic devastation brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tom Hucker, President of the Montgomery County Council, said the state has enough reserves to pay for this program.

“There is no reason that we should have hundreds of thousands of residents hungry and facing eviction, and hundreds of small businesses closing for good, while those state funds sit idle,” Hucker said. “Those are our residents’ tax dollars, they are not doing any good just in the state treasury. They should be on the street to keep our residents housed and fed and our small businesses open.”

State Comptroller Peter Franchot said this one-time stimulus plan would supplement the recent coronavirus relief bill passed by Congress.

“I’m not talking about a tax increase or even increase mandated spending, I’m talking about something which is one-time for an emergency use — it’s there and it was put there for this purpose,” he said.

State Treasurer Nancy Kopp also gave her support.

“I’m the Chief Investment Officer in the state, and I know a good investment when I see it,” said the Treasurer. “There’s no better investment, honestly not to be cute, but our communities, our families, our workers, and our businesses.”

Senator Ben Cardin and President and CEO of “I Believe In Me, Inc.” in Frederick, Aje Hill, also showed up to voice their support.