Frederick’s Mayor And Alderman Respond To Allegations Of Sexual Misconduct










Mayor Michael O’Connor and Alderman Roger Wilson both responded to the allegations of sexual misconduct made against Wilson.

Frederick, Md. – After Alderman Ben MacShane’s Facebook post on Saturday alleging sexual misconduct against Alderman Roger Wilson, statements have been released from Frederick Mayor Michael O’Connor and Roger Wilson.









“As the Mayor of Frederick and a committed member of this community, I find the allegations made against Alderman Wilson to be very serious. They do not keep the values and standards of The City of Frederick.

Those who have experienced what is being reported deserve to be heard and have their concerns addressed. I am also committed to protecting the privacy of anyone who wants to share their story and respecting the feelings of those who may be unable to do so for various reasons.

At this time, I am working with the City’s relevant departments to ensure we can support those impacted and our community as this situation evolves. I stand with those who recognize that such behavior has never been and never will be appropriate or acceptable.”











Wilson released this statement regarding the allegations.

” This afternoon, Alderman Ben MacShane made some very serious and appalling allegations against me on social media. I was made aware of these allegations an hour before they were posted while in the car, on speakerphone, with my daughters on the day after Christmas. These allegations are false, and in my 20+ years of working in both the public and private sectors, I have never had a harassment complaint filed against me.

Without due process or investigation, Alderman Ben MacShane and Mayor Michael O’Connor released statements that suggested that I had inappropriately engaged with members of the community in a way that abused the position that I hold in high regard. This evening, I requested that The City of Frederick Legal and Human Resources Department conduct a thorough investigation immediately into these slanderous allegations. And, that the city of Frederick shares with myself and my counsel, the charges and any evidence of wrongdoing for which I have been accused.
I have no doubt that this was done as a political move to undermine my accomplishments as Alderman as well as my upcoming campaign announcement on January 15th. We as a city are better than this and I will fully defend my honor against these false allegations. I hope as a community we do not stand for these types of political tactics.
As a father of three girls and a husband of 24 years, I have and always will be committed to high ethical standards and an open and transparent government.”