Four Inmates At Frederick County Detention Center Test Positive For COVID-19

The Detention Center has been placed on lockdown.







Photo caption: Janine Barber (left), Wellpath registered nurse, administers a medical screening to Heather Staitiff, Wellpath licensed practice nurse, at the Frederick County Adult Detention Center on Jan. 7. Four inmates recently tested positive for coronavirus after the ADC went 10 months with no inmate cases.


Frederick, Md (KM). The Frederick County Sheriff’s Office says as of Saturday, January 2nd, four inmates at the Adult Detention have tested positive for COVID-19.

“At  my direction, the warden locked down the ADC and instated additional preventative measures to protect all staff and inmates,” says Sheriff Chuck Jenkins, in a statement. “ADC leadership and Wellpath medical professionals are working with the Frederick County Health Department to ensure every employee and inmate adheres to the CDC guidelines regarding quarantine,  isolation and treatments. All sanitation measures instituted at the beginning of the pandemic are continuing as prescribed.”

Detention Center officials say the four inmates were placed into a ten-day quarantine with medical staff monitoring them. Also, a block of the ADC where these inmates reside went into a ten-day quarantine, and staff offered inmates in that block a COVID test.. All other inmates are in a seven-day quarantine.


Other preventative include:

·Inmate movement restricted to sick call and mental health check-ups

·Inmates can still attend video court and bond reviews

·Inmates can contact their attorney from within their housing unit

·No work release crews going out to the public

·All programs offered to the inmates are canceled

·The ADC library will be closed

·All visits are suspended until further notice·

All dental visits are postponed

Correctional officers are working two-week post assignments

·All correctional officers ’in-service training is postponed.


The Sheriff’s Office says six correctional officers at the Adult Detention Center have tested positive for the coronavirus. They have been placed in quarantine and cannot return to work until they complete their quarantine and test negative for COVID-19.

All correctional officers and staff who want the coronavirus vaccine started receiving it earlier this week.


By Kevin McManus