Superintendent For FCPS Announces Proposed FY2022 Budget

It’s an increase of $26.6 million from the current budget











Frederick, MD (KB)    On Monday night, Superintendent of Frederick County Public Schools, Dr. Theresa Alban, introduced the proposed Operating Budget for the Fiscal Year 2022.

The Superintendent’s Recommended Budget amounts to $701,153,167. That’s an increase of $26.6 million compared to the FY2021 approved budget.

“Recover, reconnect, and reinvent,” said Dr. Alban. “That summarizes the vision behind the proposed budget increases as we continue to move forward to that brighter future.”

Dr. Alban said the budget will allow for an increase in the salary resource pool.

“The $8.9 million dollar increase in the salary resource pool allows us to honor our commitments and our negotiated agreements, and provide a step increase on our newly transitioned pay scales,” she explained. “There are also costs associated with increases in health care and retirement benefits of about $3 million dollars.”

According to Dr. Alban, part of the budget increase is also due to the cost of online learning.

“The budget includes an increase of approximately $4 million dollars to support critical replacement cycles for Chromebooks, laptops, textbooks, and software — the tools necessary in our 21st century educational environment,” said Dr. Alban.

Dr. Alban said the budget request is higher than the anticipated revenues.

“The $701.2 million dollar request is an ambitious budget recommendation,” she stated. ” It is nearly $35 million dollars above the revenue we anticipate, yet, it is a very realistic portrayal of the needs of FCPS.”

A public hearing on the FY2022 budget will be held on February 3rd before the Board of Education.