Frederick Alderman Roger Wilson Running For Mayor

He made his announcement  on Friday.








Frederick, Md (KM) Frederick Alderman Roger Wilson is running for Mayor. He noted that he is making his announcement prior to the Martin Luther King holiday.

In a statement released on Friday, Wilson said he will discuss infrastructure, such as roads, public safety, digital transformation, and economic revitalization during his campaign.

Wilson also stated he wants to work to modernize the city.

“Our city, in some respects, still operates in a 70’s-type mode, so we want to modernize the systems and the people and skillsets and to make it more efficient and effective for our citizens,” said Wilson.

He said the city has not been able to get things done.

“The city has been stalled for a long time and we’re just not able to get things done,” Wilson explained. “We’re not able to do the small things, we’re not able to do the big things anymore.”

He named an example.

“Things like the downtown hotel conference center that we’ve been waiting, waiting, and waiting for for over a decade, and we’re just not moving things forward,” Wilson said.

Wilson said due to the pandemic, he will mainly campaign virtually. He also said he wants to make Frederick better for everyone who lives there.

Also on Friday, Alderman Wilson responded to a recent allegation made against him. The allegation claims he harassed and coerced several women.

“I think the people are tired of this whole mud-slinging and not focusing on problems in the community,” he stated.

He also called the allegations “false” and “slanderous.”

Wilson was elected as Alderman in 2017.

Incumbent Mayor Michael O’Connor has said he will run for re-election.


By Kevin McManus