Frederick County Legislators Discuss Bills

Several were from the County Liquor Board.



Annapolis, Md (KM) Bills to change some of Frederick County’s liquor laws were discussed last Friday by the local legislative delegation.

Delegate Karen Lewis Young chairs the delegation. She said one of the measures from the County Liquor Board  would change the serving of beer to customers n barbershops and beauty salons  from five ounces to one bottle, or a can of beer  or   12-ounces per visit.  . “And this define the amount by firmly stating one serving per customer per day, which actually allows for easier enforcement of the legislation,”  she says.

Another would allow restaurants with liquor licenses to sell “to-go” containers of alcohol after the pandemic ends. “We want to do everything we possibly can to help small business increase their revenues. But we really have to balance that with safety issues,” Delegate Lewis Young said.

Other bills would remove seating requirements for restaurants, banquet halls, catering, county inn, dinner theaters, drafthouses, hotels, microbrewery, conference and entertainment centers which have liquor licenses.

A final bill discussed at the Delegation meeting on Friday removes the requirement of Styrofoam containers in local statues, as the use of Styrofoam  containers are banned statewide.

No decision was made to forward these bills to the full General Assembly, but Delegate Lewis Young says that could take place next week.

Also next week, the Delegation is scheduled to hear a presentation from the United Way of Frederick County. “I have tried to align the presentation with some of the priority issues that we’re facing as a state, which is the public health crisis, homelessness, food insecurity, income insecurity,” she says.

The next Delegation meeting is Friday, January 22nd, at 9:30 AM in Annapolis.


By Kevin McManus