MSEA President Disputes Governor’s Comments About Reopening Schools

She says teachers have worked to get schools reopened safely.





Annapolis, Md (KM) The President of the Maryland State Education Association is taking issue with the Governor’s comments on getting schools reopened. Cheryl Bost said she and other teachers are not happy with the Governor’s comments. “Our educators have been working so hard this pandemic, and have really gone above and beyond serving meals, teaching our students, transporting our students in hybrid situations and working virtually. So it’s very disheartening and how really  disrespectful the Governor was to our educators,” she said.

During a news conference on Thursday, Governor Larry Hogan called on all school systems in Maryland to reopen using a hybrid model by March 1st, or sooner. He said he cannot force local boards of education to reopen schools, but hopes they will let kids back into the classroom for in-person learning.

Hogan indicated teachers unions have been blocking efforts to reopen schools. Bost says the opposite is true. “We’re working full force with our educators, with our  local association, with our local boards of education. So the Governor just been saying things that haven’t been true,” she says

At the  news conference, Governor Hogan pointed to jurisdictions which have taken action against teachers who refused to come back to work, noting that Chicago has refused to pay teachers who won’t show up, and South Carolina has taken away their teaching licenses. He said he will explore every legal avenue to get schools reopened. Bost calls that a threat. “Making threats is not a way we’re going get students and educators back in in a healthy manner,” she said. “Making threats is not a way to show your educators who have gone above and beyond for you that you’re respected.”

The Governor also said reopening schools to hybrid learning doesn’t lead to increased coronavirus infections. But Bost said some studies have shown that can happen, especially if no precautions are not taken. “We don’t want to debate the health. We’re not health experts. But when we use the information we’re provided, those things just aren’t put in place, and that’s why school systems in places have stayed virtual,” she says.

Frederick County is scheduled to start hybrid learning on February 16th. Teachers are scheduled to report to the classroom  on January 27th.



By Kevin McManus