Retired Army Col. Speaks Out On COVID Theory

Theory links coronavirus to Fort Detrick.







Frederick, MD (RH)   A retired U.S. Army Colonel is speaking out about a wild conspiracy theory that was floated by Chinese Central Television (CCTV) that links the deadly coronavirus to a biological lab at Fort Detrick.

“This is one of the most ludicrous accusations ever,” said Matt Breeding, a retired U.S. Army Col. and a former employee at Fort Detrick. “The Chinese government was very instrumental in allowing this to spread. It is interesting that this surfaces again when this virus started last year.”

CCTV anchors told millions of viewers the lab had been linked to alleged leaking of lethal viruses. They also referred to the lab as the “darkest experiment centre of the U.S. Government” by American political news sites – without mentioning which ones.

“They couldn’t get very far with these rumors when we had a strong president, now they are doing everything in their power to make the U.S. look bad,” Breeding said. “They know that our current administration is not going to push back on them.”

Breeding, who retired from Fort Detrick in 2014, said he did not know if anybody at the base had traveled to Wuhan before the virus spread to the U.S.

“The Chinese Communist Party just saw this as an opportunity to catch us off guard,” he continued. “They are going to use this to try and hurt us economically.”

A spokesperson from China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, called on Washington to let the World Health Organization probe the source of the virus in the United States.




By Ryan Hedrick