Gardner Withdraws Two Bills From 2021 Legislative Package

One would protect county employees from data mining companies







Frederick, MD (KB)   At a public information briefing on Thursday, Frederick County Executive Jan Gardner announced she is withdrawing two bills in her 2021 Legislative Package.

“One would provide transparency to home-buyers so they knew what fees they might be expected to pay and who would be receiving those fees,” she explained. “The other legislation was to protect county employees from having their wages released to data mining companies which would make them vulnerable to identity theft.”

Due to an unconventional legislative session because of COVID-19, Gardner said lawmakers are only considering a limited number of bills.

“I am committed to the goals of this legislation, but I recognize that this year may not be the best time to advance these bills,” she said.

Gardner said she will continue to advance the bill that relates to vacancies on the Board of Education. This proposal will enable voters to choose a replacement for vacant seats on the Frederick County Board of Education.