Senator Says He Will ‘Get To The Bottom’ Of Issues Regarding The U.S. Postal Service

Citizens are complaining of deliveries taking weeks to arrive








Frederick, MD (KB) There are many complaints we all have about the U.S. Postal Service, particularly the late arrival of holiday cards and packages long after the holidays have ended.

Senator Chris Van Hollen told the Frederick County Legislative Delegation on Friday that he has heard all the complaints, and has spoken with Postal Service officials.

“We’ve been talking to them in Maryland, there does seem to be an issue with reduced staffing that has contributed to this and some of the other changes that were put in place by the Postmaster General,” stated Van Hollen.

One of those changes was removing several mail sorting machines from post offices.

A $10 billion dollar loan was granted to the Postal Service that Van Hollen said was converted into a grant in December.

“One of the emergency bills we passed converted a $10 billion dollar loan to the Post Office into a $10 billion dollar, you know, extra grant,” he explained. “We will work with you to get to the bottom of this.”

The Senator urged legislators to continue sending him information about Postal Service delivery problems to his office. He said he is working with other Senators on a letter to send to the Postmaster General.