Jeremy Abbott Is Running For Mayor Of Frederick

He says he’s passionate about reducing the number of drug abuse  deaths.









Frederick, Md (KM) So far, he’s the youngest candidate for Mayor of Frederick. Jeremy Abbott is a 20-year-old Republican whose announced his candidacy during a recent appearance on WFMD’s “Mid-Maryland Live.”

Abbott says he’s different from other candidates running for the job. “There’s no reason that a Democrat is running against an incumbent Democrat Mayor other than he doesn’t think he’s doing a good job—which I would love for him to come out and say that–or he’s running to bolster his career,” Abbott says.

In this comment, Abbott is referring to Alderman Roger Wilson, whose running for Mayor. Incumbent Mayor Michael O’Connor says he’s running for re-election.

Abbott is a 2019 graduate of Frederick High School. Some years ago, on a day when students walked out to protest gun violence, Abbott says he posted a note on a school bulletin board supporting the right to bear arms, which he says was torn down. He also ran unsuccessfully for the local Republican Central Committee. Abbott is an on line student at Brigham Young University.

One issue Abbott says he’s passionate about is reducing the number of deaths from drug overdoses. “My main goal is to bring a Teen Challenge to Frederick,” he says. “They’re a faith-based, long term residential facility that works to not only get people off of drugs, but to strengthen the body, the spirit and the mind as they get them back into working, into the community and their families.”

In addition, Abbott says he’s fiscally responsible, and favors getting rid of waste in the city’s budget. “We’re currently wasting lots and lots of money for very menial things,” he says. “And I’m the best candidate because I haven’t shown a lack of fiscal responsibility.”

Some of that waste, as he sees it, includes “putting up wonderful, pretty signs that read ‘Carroll Creek,’ or purple banners. Or we’re spending our money on logos. And we’ve got people that are dying of drug overdoses; we’ve got potholes; we’ve got basketball hoops that don’t have nets in them.” he says.

The City of Frederick is holding elections this year for Mayor and Board of Aldermen. Primary Election Day is September 14th, 2021. The General Election is November 2hd, 2021.


By Kevin McManus