State Comptroller Says Maryland Is In Need Of More Immediate Relief

He says the Governor’s billion-dollar relief plan “misleading”






Baltimore, MD (KB) State Comptroller Peter Franchot has called Governor Larry Hogan’s billion-dollar COVID-19 relief package a “hollow proposal.”

“The problem is the Governor has produced a plan that’s helpful in name only,” Franchot said. “It doesn’t give any immediate financial survival stimulus to these families.”

Franchot has proposed a $2,000 dollar stimulus to help suffering families.

“You hear a lot of talk about $2,000 dollar payments from the Federal Government,” he said. “What we need is a $2,000 dollar payment from the State of Maryland to these suffering families right now.”

The Comptroller said his program would serve as a “bridge over troubled waters” until Congress is able to pass a third stimulus bill, however, he does not have the power to move the plan forward.

“I’m not the Governor, I’m not a legislator,” he explained. “I’m just sounding the alarm that what they’re looking at is fiscally, economically, and morally negligent.”

Franchot said low-wage earners make up one-third of Maryland’s workforce, and they have been told to wait for relief for months. Franchot said these individuals and families need relief immediately.

“These are our friends and neighbors who are suffering,” said Franchot. “They’re waiting around in food lines for boxes of free food.”

He said the Governor’s plan needs to be replaced by a plan that puts money in people’s pockets quickly.