‘Maryland Farm & Harvest’ Will Celebrate Its 100th Episode On Tuesday

The historic episode will feature a farm in Frederick County








Frederick, MD (KB) A popular series on Maryland Public Television is celebrating its 100th episode next Tuesday. Producer and director of “Maryland Farm and Harvest,” Joe Ligo, said this is a significant milestone for the program.

“This is an exciting milestone for us, I mean, anytime a TV show gets into triple digits in terms of how many shows they’ve made, that’s always a cause for celebration,” he said.

Ligo said the historic episode will feature Deer Run Farm in Emmitsburg. The farm raises and sells heritage chickens that lay multi-colored eggs.

“Usually, you think you go to the grocery store and you have white eggs and you have brown eggs and that’s about it,” Ligo explained. “But there’s actually a bunch of different breeds of chickens that lay different colored eggs, whether it’s a brown-ish green, or a speckled egg that has spots on it, or in one case there’s a bird that even lays eggs that are kind of a light blue color.”

The folks at Deer Run Farm said they have found a way to sell chickens through the mail, which gives people a chance to grow their own food. Ligo said this has gained popularity during the pandemic.

“With COVID-19, a lot of people were very interested in growing their own food,” he explained. “Whether that was gardening, or in this case, growing chickens for eggs.”

Ligo also said that he and his crew have been able to continue filming through the pandemic since most of it is filmed outside.

“This is half-way through our 8th season and we’re already starting work on season 9, so here’s hoping that after 100 there will be a 200,” said Ligo.

The 100th episode will air on Tuesday, February 9th at 7 PM on MPT.