Frederick County Health Department Says Those Who Are Vaccinated Against COVID-19 Still Need To Wear Masks

Health Officer says your immune system needs time to develop a response to the coronavirus.








Frederick, Md (KM) Frederick County Health Officer Dr. Barbara Brookmyer says she’s been asked this question numerous times about the COVID-19 vaccine: do you still need to wear a mask after you’ve been inoculated against the virus? She says the answer is “yes.”

“After you’ve been vaccinated, it takes a couple weeks for your immune system to mount the optimal or the most effective response. So that would be a couple of weeks after your second dose,” she says.

Right now, Frederick County has three vaccination sites, by supplies are limited. Dr. Brookmyer says the vaccine is given to health care professionals, residents and staff in nursing homes, first responders and those 75 and older.

The county is using the vaccines from Moderna and Pfizer, and Dr. Brookmyer says they are about 95% effective.

But if the vaccines are not 100% effective against COVID-19, why get vaccinated? Dr. Brookmyer says that’s another question she’s been asked. “It does make a difference¬† in reducing the severity of illness based on the research trials,” she says. “The individuals who did during the study time period develop a new infection, their rate of serious illness was much, much lower than¬† the general population’s rate of serious illness.”

As of late last week, Dr. Brookmyer says more than 24,000 first doses have been administered in Frederick County out of a population of about 250,000.

Anyone who wants the vaccine must register for it. By registering, you don’t set up an appointment, but express an interest in receiving the shot. The Health Department says you will be contacted later about an appointment.

You can register by going to the Frederick County Health Department’s website and fill out the COVID Vaccine Interest Form. If you don’t have access to the internet, you can call 301-600-7900 and register. Spanish speakers can call 301-600-7905.


By Kevin McManus