Senator Cardin Among Lawmakers Supporting A Budget Bill After ‘Vote-A-Rama’ Thursday Into Early Friday

The legislation is a first step toward  passage of a $1.9-trillion COVID relief package.








Washington DC (KM) US Senators were burning the midnight oil on Capitol Hill Thursday into Friday. They were debating and adding amendments to a budget bill which is key to fast-tracking President Biden’s $1.9-trillion COVID relief bill    The legislation passed without support from Republicans..

Senator Ben Cardin (D-Md) discussed that legislation during a meeting Friday morning with the Frederick County Legislative Delegation. He said the bill provides assistance to Americans who have been hurt by the economic slowdown brought on  by  COVID-19. It extends unemployment benefits, provides direct aid to school systems as they try to reopen to students and provides another $1400 payment to help families adversely affected  by the pandemic.

“It includes the help targeted to businesses that need additional support. It helps renters who are in desperate need and in danger of foreclosure. it includes nutrition programs, including the SNAP benefits, including the school nutrition programs,” says Cardin.

SNAP stands for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, which used to be known as the Food Stamp program.

Senators spent a grueling 15 -hours proposing and voting on amendments to the budget bill. They finally adjourned at 5:30 AM on Friday

The budget bill will undergo a vote by the House of Representatives due to changes made by the Senate.


By Kevin McManus