Delegate Provides Updates On Legislation At 2021 General Assembly

He says he is sponsoring five pieces of legislation









Annapolis, MD (KB) Frederick County Delegate Jesse Pippy said he is sponsoring five pieces of legislation at the 2021 General Assembly in Annapolis. One has to do with the sex offender registry and expungement.

“There has been a push recently to expunge certain offenses off peoples’ records,” he explained.

Delegate Pippy said this bill will make sure that individuals who are on the sex registry are prohibited from getting their sex offenses expunged.

The Delegate said another bill he is sponsoring deals with indecent exposure.

“There are some egregious cases where you’d have an individual that may expose themselves to children in front of an elementary school,” said Pippy. “Currently, that would not permit someone to be on the sex registry.”

Delegate Pippy said the bill would give the option to the judge to place these individuals on the sex registry.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2021 Legislative Session is taking place virtually. Pippy said constituents are still able to engage with legislators on a virtual platform.

“I do like that they’re able to participate and I like that they’re still engaging, so we seem to be getting some work done,” he said.