Young Asks For Support From Community For School Resource Officer Program

Legislators in Annapolis are discussing the removal of the program in Maryland









Frederick, MD (KB) Legislators in Annapolis are discussing the removal of the School Resource Officer program in the State of Maryland.

Frederick County Board of Education member, Brad Young, said this program has been hugely successful in Frederick County.

“My point is right now, we have a very successful program. It is working well, it has been in place for a long time,” he explained. “I personally know every SRO in Frederick County, and I can tell you in our school system, it works extremely well and I would hate to see that be changed.”

Young said having officers in schools has helped prevent serious incidents, including one at Catoctin High School.

“We had, unfortunately, a young student who was intent on doing grave damage to that school and to our students, and that person was apprehended and removed from the school situation,” he recalled.

Young said he has been vocal about his support for the program.

“I’ve voiced that to our legislators, I’ve voiced it on my social media that I think that our SRO program is a critical program that we have,” he said.

Young also advised residents who are in favor of the program to show support by contacting local legislators.

“Right now, the important thing is to voice your opinion to your local elected legislators, so your State Delegates and your State Senators,” he said.

He listed: State Senators, Ron Young and Michael Hough, and Delegates Carol Krimm, Karen Lewis Young, Jesse Pippy, Ken Kerr, Dan Cox, and Barrie S. Ciliberti.

Young added that he has heard overwhelming support for the program from the Frederick County community.