The Frederick County Sheriff’s Office Has 12 New Deputies

They began their field training   this week.







Frederick, Md (KM) The Frederick County Sheriff’s Office has 12 new deputies. They’ve completed their academy training, and graduated on February 5th. The 12 have been sworn in, allotted a patrol car, issued the proper equipment and uniform and assigned a patrol operations team.

They are:

Abby Berisford Crystal Hall Kevin Lewis

Cassy Boettcher Chase Hoffman Dillin Pizzi

Camden Cregger Andrew Laign Amanda Read

Logan Doolittle William Leith Herbert Testerman

.During their time at the academy, they learned about Fourth Amendment Search and Seizures, de-escalation, how to deal with people with developmental disabilities and mental illnesses, officer safety, firearms, use of force, handcuffing, defensive tactics, learning to drive and operate  a police car, Maryland criminal and vehicle law and a lot of physical training.

“This recent class of deputies started their training at the Washington County Police Academy on July 20th, 2020, and graduated on February 5th,” says Lt. Jeff Null, FCSO Support Services commander, in a statement.. “With all of the training they received, from the academy and in-house training we conducted, these 12 team members will be the best and most trained deputies we’ve put out on the road and we are excited to see the end results.”

.They’ve begun field training, and will be on a probationary period for the next 18-months.

“I want to congratulate this fine group of men and women who have selected a career in law enforcement during these challenging times,” says Sheriff Chuck Jenkins, in a statement. “We are looking for good things from these recruits as they move forward in their field training and begin their careers serving the citizens of Frederick County. My expectation is that they will do their very best.”


By Kevin McManus